Our Mission


In this fast moving world where “globalisation” has become one of the most frequently used catch phrases, and with constant new information suffocating our minds and visions, we clearly recognize the increasing needs of being connected to the right people, with the right businesses, in the right territories.


Therefore, we have devoted ourselves to be the bridge that makes these connections. A bridge that provides the most direct & smooth route, as well as the no nonsense & reliable professional service. Moreover, we wish to not only bring our clients to their desired destinations quickly, but to also allow them to enjoy a jolly good ride along the way!


Our Key Operating Area



We are most active in the golden triangle between the Nordic countries, UK and China, though we have spilled over to continental Europe and America.


  • Business Matchmaking
  • Sports Marketing & Sponsorship
  • Sports Broadcasting & PR Communications
  • Media Contents Sourcing & Acquisition
  • Advertising Strategy Consulting & Ads Sales
  • Design Consulting & PR Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Intelligent Business Networking
  • Event Management

Our Clients & Partners



  • Barclay Premier League
  • Super Sports Media Group
  • Yadii Media Group
  • CCTV (China Central Television)
  • CNTV (China Network Television)
  • BBC
  • YLE
  • F1 Management
  • ManUnited FC
  • ManCity FC
  • Chelsea FC
  • Tottenham Hotspur FC
  • Arsenal FC
  • World Design Capital Helsinki 2012
  • Lahti Science and Business Park
  • Richard Lewis Communications
  • Nokia

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