About Us

Chinese born Finn, Lyn Litchfield has extensive international exposure and an all-round professional profile. Prior to founding Premier Business Matchmaking & Consulting, and Premier PR & Communications

Litchfield has had 15 years of experience working in the Telecom industry for Nokia with teams¬†and clients from EMEA, America, Latin America, APAC and China. Litchfield has held various key positions in Regional Product Marketing, Global Sales and Marketing and Mega Account Management. In addition, Litchfield has always had a keen eye in the field of design, and was heavily involved in several of Nokia’s Multimedia products’ design concepts, including being instrumental in bringing Nokia’s fashion phone N72 to market in 2006.


Litchfield started her career as a TV journalist and news reporter in China, through which she has gained valuable experience in PR and communications, as well as developed a highly effective business network in media. Litchfield serves as Chief Representative for Super Sports Media Group in EMEA, whilst also acting as the President & Senior Advisor for Yadii Media Group.

Litchfield is a devoted player and collaborator amongst Finnish/Nordic communities as she sits on both the Board of the Finnish British Chamber of Commerce and the Anglo-Finnish Society.

In her CEO capacity Litchfield orchestrates a highly effective team of experts in UK and China, overseeing the key client relationships as well as the smooth running of any major projects, whilst at the same time constantly developing new clients and new business.

Litchfield is also multilingual, speaking fluently 4 different languages, and also holds both a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications and a MA in Economics.

Whilst a lover of both travel and sport, especially downhill skiing and long distance running (Half Marathon record of 1h43min – Great North Run – Newcastle 2006), Litchfield is also a great fan of classical music, opera, art and fashion.